Energy saving

Number Methodologies Outline Ver.
EN-S-001 Introduction of high efficiency boilers pdf 1.1
EN-S-002 Introduction of high efficiency heat pumps pdf 1.2
EN-S-003 Introduction of high efficiency industrial furnaces pdf 1.0
EN-S-004 Introduction of high efficiency air conditioning facilities pdf 1.3
EN-S-005 Renewal of fan and pump or installation of inverter and controlling equipment pdf 1.0
EN-S-006 Introduction of high efficiency lighting facilities pdf 2.1
EN-S-007 Introduction of co-generation equipment pdf 1.3
EN-S-008 Renewal of transformers pdf 1.0
EN-S-009 Switch from private heat source equipment to outside heat sources pdf 1.0
EN-S-010 Introduction of electric generators utilizing waste steam pdf 1.1
EN-S-011 Utilizing recovered waste heat pdf 1.0
EN-S-012 Introduction of electric vehicles / plug-in hybrid vehicles pdf 2.0
EN-S-013 Improving propane gas-delivery efficiency utilizing IT pdf 1.0
EN-S-014 Reducing meter reading utilizing IT pdf 1.0
EN-S-015 Introduction of high efficiency vending machines pdf 1.0
EN-S-016 Introduction of high efficiency refrigeration equipment pdf 2.2
EN-S-017 Renewal of roll ironers pdf 1.0
EN-S-018 Introduction of LNG/electricity-powered marine vessels pdf 2.0
EN-S-019 Switch from fossil fuel or grid power to fuel from waste pdf 1.1
EN-S-020 Renewal of fan and pump pdf 1.0
EN-S-021 Renewal of construction machinery and industrial trucks by introducing electricity-operated machineries and trucks pdf 1.0
EN-S-022 Renewal of productive facilities (machine tools, press machines or injection machines pdf 1.1
EN-S-023 Introduction and utilization of digital tachograph and other equipment that support eco-drive pdf 1.1
EN-S-024 Upgrade of TV sets pdf 2.1
EN-S-025 Introduction of high efficiency private electric generators pdf 2.0
EN-S-026 Renewal of drying machines pdf 1.0
EN-S-027 Energy efficiency improvement of air conditioning facilities by installing a rooftop greenery pdf 1.0
EN-S-028 Renewal of construction machinery and industrial trucks by introducing hybrid machineries and trucks pdf 1.0
EN-S-029 Introduction of natural gas vehicles pdf 1.0
EN-S-030 Introduction of high efficiency printing machines pdf 1.0
EN-S-031 Renewal of servers pdf 1.0
EN-S-032 Introduction of high efficiency plumbing products pdf 2.0
EN-S-033 Energy efficiency improvement by relocating servers to outside data centers pdf 1.0
EN-S-034 Installation of car navigation systems with environmentally-friendly driving systems pdf 1.0
EN-S-035 Energy efficiency improvement of land transportation of marine container pdf 1.0
EN-S-036 Reduction of fossil fuel by renewal of sewage sludge dryers pdf 1.0
EN-S-037 Switch to cooperative delivery pdf 1.0
EN-S-038 Introduction of high efficiency refrigerant processing facilities pdf 1.0
EN-S-039 Construction/Renovation of/to energy-saving houses pdf 2.1
EN-S-040 Use of concrete containing less portland cement pdf 1.1
EN-S-041 Renewal of CO2-supply systems for horticultural facilities pdf 1.0

Renewable Energy

Number Methodologies Outline Ver.
EN-R-001 Fuel switch from fossil fuel or grid power to biomass solid fuel (woody biomass fuel) pdf 1.7
EN-R-002 Introduction of solar power generation pdf 2.1
EN-R-003 Introduction of heat source equipment utilizing renewable heat pdf 1.2
EN-R-004 Fuel switch from fossil fuel or grid power to biomass liquid fuel (BDF, bioethanol, biooil) pdf 1.2
EN-R-005 Fuel switch from fossil fuel or grid power to biomass solid fuel (waste biomass fuel) pdf 2.2
EN-R-006 Introduction of hydroelectric power generation pdf 1.1
EN-R-007 Fuel switch from fossil fuel or grid power to biogas pdf 1.3
EN-R-008 Introduction of wind power pdf 1.1
EN-R-009 Introduction of electric power facility utilizing renewable heat pdf 1.2

Industrial Process

Number Methodologies Outline Ver.
IN-001 Switch cover gas in casting magnesium from SF6 to lower GWP gases pdf 1.0
IN-002 Introduction of recovery and degradation systems of N2O used for anesthesia pdf 1.0
IN-003 Gas switch from SF6 to COF2 in the liquid crystal display production process pdf 1.0
IN-004 Introduction of GHG-free insulated switchgears pdf 1.0
IN-005 Reduction of HFC gas in spray duster cans used for equipment maintenance pdf 1.1


Number Methodologies Outline Ver.
AG-001 Abatement of N2O emissions from pig and broiler excreta disposal by utilizing low-protein feed pdf 2.2
AG-002 Conversion of disposal management system for livestock excreta pdf 1.0
AG-003 Mitigation of N2O emissions from tea land soil by applying chemical fertilizers containing nitrification inhibitor pdf 2.0
AG-004 Biochar addition to mineral soil in cropland/grassland pdf 1.0


Number Methodologies Outline Ver.
WA-001 Reduction of fossil fuel for incineration by reducing volume of sludge utilizing microbially-activated solvent pdf 1.0
WA-002 Transition of food waste treatment from landfilling to composting pdf 1.1

Forest Sink

Number Methodologies Outline Ver.
FO-001 Forest management activity pdf 2.4
FO-002 Afforestation activity pdf 2.2